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This is the pre-race update for the 2017 Princess Sofia Regatta

Hi Everyone,

This is the pre-race update for the 2017 Princess Sofia Regatta in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
The regatta features all 10 Olympic Classes and runs from March 27-April 1. My class, the men’s Laser, has 150 entries.

I got some solid training in Long Beach prior to coming to Palma. The training group included Charlie Buckingham and younger sailors William and Henry Marshall. Mark Littlejohn was coaching. I was there for 4 days total. We had some great sailing in light to medium conditions with nice waves.

Then it was onto a 3 flight saga with LAX-Atlanta, Atlanta-Madrid, Madrid-Palma. Luckily, I was able to move to the exit row and stretch out a bit.

The venue for this competition is the Bay of Palma on the southwest side of the island of Mallorca. This bay was seemingly designed for sailing with consistent springtime breeze and blue-green water. Springtime here can deliver a wide variety of conditions, from light sea breezes to strong offshore wind and everything in between. It’s an amazing place to compete. This is the 5th straight year I’ve come to the regatta and look forward to the strong level of international competition again this year.

This is the first regatta in 2017 where I’m collaborating with teammate Chris Barnard (aka Barny) and coach Chris Dold (aka Dold). We are staying in a three person apartment on the 11 floor overlooking the beach and bay. We’ve had a chance to establish a nice daily rhythm that we’ll look to carry into the competition. Prior to the regatta, we’ve had 3 training days in medium to strong wind with nice waves up to 5 feet. It’s been awhile since I’ve sailed in waves of that size and power, but it was awesome and ultra-helpful to do so. We put in solid work on the meat-and-potatoes boatspeed and tacking work. Strong basics count for so much in big breeze and waves.

The schedule for the regatta is 2 races per day for 5 days. Followed by a medal race on day 6. The first two days are the qualifying series prior to the fleet split into Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It will be super important to come out of the gate fast with a solid day 1.

Thank you all for following me on this journey. It would not be possible without your support.
I will write again after the regatta.

All the Best,


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